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2018 - January

The Anointing of Righteousness


   Praise God! We stand at the beginning of a new year that I think will be very, very exciting. 2017 left with a very profound finale; the solar eclipse that traversed our entire country and the fulfillment of the ‘lady clothed with the sun” in Revelation 12. From Genesis 1:14 we know that our Father put the lights in the firmament for signs and for seasons. His word for seasons (Hebrew) is moedim and it can be interpreted appointed times. 
   A solar eclipse that travels across a Gentile nation is a sign of judgment of that nation. As bad as that sounds, God’s judgments are done most of the time as an intervention to steer a people or country who has gone in the wrong direction or chosen to follow the “dark side” in modern terms. In actuality the severity of the judgment depends on the individual and his/her response to the prompting offered by the Holy Spirit. Repent quickly and there is not a judgment at all, but if the person is stiff-necked and fails to repent, the judgment can definitely feel like a heavy weight.
   The judgment we are under now is called the “anointing of righteousness.” Righteousness is the way of life ordained by the Father, made viable by Jesus Christ and revealed to us by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. It is the narrow path that Jesus described in Matthew 7. In Hebrew it is called the derek or path or way that the Father expects His children to walk. In short, righteousness is the Father’s “right way of doing things.” Anything else falls short of the mark of perfection and is sin. And where there is sin or darkness the Prince of darkness is there to kill, to steal, and to destroy (John 10:10). The Father does not want his children abused by ole Beelzebub so He releases the judgment of righteousness to dispel the darkness and rout out the devil. 
   If we are ignorant of the Father’s ways then this judgment can actually cause a person a great deal of anxiety and trauma because if we are in denial of our sin or if we are ignorant of what sin is, then we will be affected in a very strong way. Because I am a dentist, I can compare it to a toothache. When the pain starts it is small and uncomfortable. Get it fixed early and it quickly becomes a thing of the past. But if the problem is tolerated or ignored, the pain can grow so strong we become miserable and end up walking the floor. God compares sin to leprosy. It starts as a small little blemish. Unattended it can grow and eventually eat up your fingers, your toes, and even your face. 
   Where there is holiness the light will grow and the anointing will increase. For example, hearing the voice of the Father will become easier as the anointing of righteousness continues. Physical manifestation of prayer will become more common and even miracles will become more prevalent. The light will be magnified.
   Where there is darkness, however, the light will exert tremendous pressure on the individual. It will be described by “something inside of me that wants out.” People’s personalities will seem to change overnight. It will really be taxing for a spouse or parent when it begins and it will be hard for anyone to give a name to it. In some cases it will seem as if the individual is possessed. Many will think they are losing their minds because something is wrong and they can’t describe it or share what it is. 
   It appears at present that marriages are signaling the first line of the judgment. Many marriages are undergoing tremendous pressure as the husband or wife seem to just not care anymore. “I’m not the person I was,” will be a common explanation. It will make no sense.
   Years of sexual promiscuity have caused many people to carry a darkness that the anointing is directly affecting. Remember the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Any sin or darkness that is hidden will be exposed whether the person is aware of the sin or not (Luke 8:17).
   Physicians and medications will offer no solace. Repentance, confession and the forgiveness of the Father are the only answer. This is a spiritual problem and we need a Savior who knows and works for us in that realm. For many, they will now understand the need for the Savior - Jesus Christ.
   I know this may seem like a truly strange message but it is important that we become aware of what the Father is doing. Again this is not bad; it is for the good of all concerned. Only those who fail to repent will be gravely affected. The anointing of righteousness is only a couple months old and already marriages are being challenged like never before. You may not have experienced this among your friends and acquaintances but as the anointing grows you will; and when you do, lead them to the Light.
   Because Satan is exploiting this darkness it will be hard for some to repent. They may say they aren’t in love anymore and just don’t care to get back together. In this situation all that can be done is prayer and fasting for the couple or individual. It is sad that some will never repent. For those people, life will be very difficult in the future. 
   This anointing of righteousness is from the Father and it will not be denied. It will not come back to Him void. It will accomplish that which it was designed to do and no flesh will be able to stand against it. 
   I believe this is why our Blessed Mother has been in tears when she has appeared in her apparitions. She is crying for us. She hates to see us undergo this thing, but she knows it must be done. 
   I want to stress this is being allowed because the Father loves us so much and He is a HOLY God. Jesus died a horrible death so we could repent, be washed, and join our Father in His holiness. In the end each of us will be wheat or tare, darkness or light, sheep or goat. There will be no middle ground. This whole thing can be summed up by Acts 3:19: 
“Repent, then and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”
  My prayer is that you will recognize the symptoms and run to the light. DFH