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2017 - August 2017

It's Time For The Charismatics To Rise and Shine


   I would like to start by saying that due to a very active dental practice I have not been able to service this website as I would have liked, but after retiring this January I now will attempt to keep it up to date. Especially considering what I am about to share. A special thanks to all who have visited and purchased our materials in the past.
   I was fortunate to speak at the annual Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Conference on July 28-30. It was a very blessed and exciting time for all who attended. More witnessed to the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ than maybe any conference before. The Holy Spirit was moving. The last day of the conference (Sunday morning) Father God began to share some things about bringing the Charismatics of the State (Arkansas) together. 
   After returning home, that night, the Lord spent almost three hours with me explaining his vision. He said: “I am giving the Charismatics the opportunity to take the State of Arkansas for the Kingdom of God.” 
   My first thought was: How do we do that?
   He quickly responded, “One prayer group at a time.”
   Before I relate what He shared with me I want to first give you a portion of a Word of Knowledge that He gave to the Team before the Conference started. This is how I remember it:

   “My children, now is not the time to be complacent. Now is not the time for apathy, laziness or idleness. A darkness has come over the land and a gross darkness the people, but it should not be that way with you (Charismatics). You are my chosen people, my royal priesthood, my holy nation that I have called out of darkness into My marvelous light, You are My light.” 

   In the night He called the Charismatics His remnant. He said we have been mocked, ridiculed, made fun of and discounted for a long time, just like His Son, but now He was calling all Charismatics to “arise and shine for Your Light has come.” Pentecost was His original design for the Church but that has been substituted by a theology that has completely lost its connection to the spiritual and supernatural. Pentecost was an EMPOWERMENT to overcome evil and introduce God’s children to their original design – that being a human being filled with God’s Spirit. He said intellectualism and educational reasoning had become the order of the day for the Church and the Holy Spirit had been demeaned to a water-boy for the His team instead of the quarterback. Poverty, not evil, has become the enemy of the Church and more and more money is needed to solve the problems of the church. Fund raisers of every sort are done for His work giving people the idea that God can’t take of His own. He said in so many house-holds there is not one word of prayer coming up before Me. “I am NOW calling My remnant to life. Your obedience and your perseverance have won you a place of honor in My eyes and you will be My instruments.”

   All I can say is, things are about to change. Now is not the time to be lukewarm. The angel of God is stirring the waters and now is the time to get into the pool. Even though I am Catholic, the Lord is talking to all Charismatics regardless of denomination. Pentecost is His answer for the world. Pentecost is the Jewish feast of the harvest and the fields are ripe for harvesting. God is now releasing a new anointing for those who will let His Holy Spirit lead, baptize, and instruct them. More people are going to be healed, more miracles are going to be seen, the Gifts of the Spirit are going to flow like a huge flood across the land. What happened at Azusa Street at the turn of the 20th century (1906-1915) will be pale compared with what the Lord is going to do. Demonic activity is going to be exposed like never before and those in ministry will be inundated with those seeking relief from spiritual attacks.

   The Lord has called us to take Arkansas for the Kingdom of God but very few Christians know anything about the Kingdom of God. How can we help the Holy Spirit usher in the Kingdom of God if we don’t have a clue what it is or how it functions? I realize most Christians have not been taught and that is one of the major reasons the Lord is calling the Charismatics and giving them this opportunity. 

   Because prayer groups are the primary means by which the state will be united, the Team of the Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Committee Team will do our best to equip and support any prayer group within the State of Arkansas. Our calling is for Arkansas, but if any group in any other state receives the same calling from the Holy Spirit we will do what we can to support them, but a majority of our effort will be spent on serving Arkansas.

   We will assist in providing worship CDs and teaching DVDs in order to equip any prayer group within the state. We will also be providing one day seminars around the state to encourage, support, and train prayer group leaders. 

   If you are a Charismatic regardless of denomination come and join our vision. You Charismatic Catholics, pray and see if you are being called to start a prayer group. If so, contact our ACCC center at: Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services, 2500 North Tyler, Little Rock Arkansas 72207

   We will be publishing a monthly newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter (it is free), e-mail your name and e-mail to:

   Think about making a monthly pledge to support our efforts. Send any donations to above address. Make checks payable to: Charismatic Renewal Services.

   I will use this web-site to keep you updated so come back often to check in. A door has opened that is both exciting and rewarding to all those who join this vision. The anointing is being poured out, hurry get into the water.