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Fighting The Darkness II

                            February Newsletter 2019

   It amazes me to see the state of being that our society is turning into. How did we get to this point? Our heavenly Father tells us that He is a God of the living but we are turning more and more into a society of death. Don’t you think that would be the result when we abandon the author of life as a vital part of society? The church has been told to sit down and shut up and we have willingly obeyed. 
   When you made Jesus the Lord of your life, you became an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God (2 Corinthians 5:20). Because the church has not taught the power of the Holy Spirit nor the Kingdom of God we have become ignorant of the Father’s ways. We have been told to blindly follow a group of spiritual leaders who have proven to be not only corrupt but content on hiding their corruption and suppressing anyone who calls them on the carpet. Father Mark Goring started out building an army of people who were actively protesting the hierarchy of the church and their blatant sexual abuse of children and seminary students. He was trying to hold the church accountable for the abuse and their obvious stand against church teaching and the Holy Scriptures. He was told to sit down and shut up and he obeyed.
   People, the Father of Creation is not going to tolerate this. Our cup of iniquity is starting to overflow and He cannot continue to excuse our stance on human life. The legislature of the State of New York just voted on an abortion bill. Here ae three points that should turn your stomach.
(1) It does not take a doctor to perform an abortion
(2) They can abort the baby right up to the time of birth (last trimester)
(3) If the baby lives from the abortion attempt they can go ahead and kill the baby 

   This is sick, and yet the legislators after the bill was signed gave the passage of the bill a standing ovation. These are the same people who send people to prison for damaging an eagle’s egg. The same people who want to change consensual sex to the age of twelve. Where in God’s Name is the church? Are we scared? Do we not have enough time to see what’s happening? Has our faith become so weak that we don’t even care?
   The mercy of our Father does have a limit. We may think it doesn’t and that grace covers our sinfulness no matter what we do and how much we do it. 
   I believe that within the next two years the Father is going to expose so much corruption in the church that the news is going to destabilize major sections of people because of their blind obedience to the leadership. There’s sexual abuse, homosexual activity, pedophilia, money laundering, and even satanic worship within the ranks of the leadership. I think we have reached the point of no return. Like Jonah announcing to Nineveh that they only had forty more days, a similar clarion call would be totally ignored. Most would not even listen. 
   Since Lourdes and Fatima our Lady has been crying and pleading for us to repent and turn back to the ways of God, but we yawn and write her appearances off as myth or superstition. She is the Mother of all who have the ruach or Spirit and she loves her children, but when her pleas fall on deaf ears, she can do nothing but weep. 
   I really fear for our children and grandchildren. Jesus said it best. “If they do this when the wood is green; what will they do when it is dry?”(Luke 23:31) How dry do you think the wood is?
   The number of people already leaving the church is sad, but just wait. Some may think the worst is over, but I assure you it is not. Jesus said we would know them by their fruits. In 2010 the Democratic Party kicked God out of their platform. In fact the leader, took three different votes to make sure he heard them right. Then they stated that anyone that was against abortion was not welcome in the Democratic Party. And yet, we still have Christians voting for these Democrats. The New York legislature that voted for this horrendous abortion bill is all Democratic. 
   We can only defeat this depravation through prayer and the ballot box. People march for life and then turn around and vote for these fools who proclaim abortion as a women’s right. The women’s right was to decide whether to have sex or not. Once that zygote is formed in her womb, the right of that child takes precedence. Consider this:
   “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you” – Jeremiah 1:5.
   Does the Father think that tissue forming in a mother’s womb is nothing but a blob of flesh? Come on! Any person with any scientific knowledge knows that as soon as that sperm fertilizes that egg, it is the beginning of a human being. We know this and yet we sit back and accept this trash. What does a woman say the minute she finds out she is pregnant. “I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to have a baby; but it might be a lion, a lizard or a snail darter. NO! She says she is going to have a baby and yet we listen to these fools who tell us, “No. it’s not a baby, yet.” Now they’ve taken t even further. We can knock’em in the head as soon as they’re born and it’s no big deal. 
   Over fifty-five million babies have been aborted in America since Roe vs Wade. That is over eighteen times (18X) the population of Arkansas. Does that one statistic not boggle your mind? That is innocent blood that is crying out to God for restitution. If God heard Abel’s lone voice crying out from the earth, what does fifty-five million voices sound like to Him?
   If that was not enough what the Lord told me in The Visitor (the novel I wrote) has come true. The wealthy are paying for the blood of young children because they have found that there are “things” in the blood that support youth rejuvenation and anti-aging. I have heard that as much as $8000 dollars a liter has been paid for this life giving blood. When we give up the awe and wonder that we hold for life, we move a great distance from the arms of the Father and away from His blessings. The sexual abuse of these youngsters as well as the selling of their blood and body parts has become a very lucrative business for many. This is the major reason for child trafficking and kidnapping. The days when children could freely ride their bicycles around the neighborhood are a thing of the past.
   The other day a woman who had been in a vegetative state for years gave birth. DNA testing found that a male LPN had sexually assaulted her while in that vegetative condition. How sick have we as a people become? And in many places around the globe people are abandoned their spouse for a sex robot. They roll these dummies around in a wheel chair and talk to them like they were alive, and they pay three to five thousand dollars for these things. 
   Church where are you??????
  The bottom line is that our nation will not be blessed by the Father as long as this anti-life mentality permeates the majority of the people. With this stance we have NO future.
   What can you do? Become a seeker of truth. God’s Word is truth, but there are many interpretations of the Word by people who have certain agendas that are not of God and do not promote the Kingdom of God. There are many people who worship a system that they believe serves the Kingdom, when in fact, it does nothing to bring it to fruition. Take a few minutes and ask this question: “Am I closer to the Father now than I was last year at this time?” Be honest. Depending on your answer will determine the amount of truth that you have been exposed to. There is so much at stake for you and for the Kingdom to be apathetic or lazy about your spiritual maturity. It affects much more than you may realize; and what is coming will affect everyone who is not grounded in the truth. 
   You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free – John 8:32.
Prayer: Open the eyes of my heart Lord and not only let me see the corruption that is going on around me, but have the courage to do something about it. Amen. DFH

NOTE: Because things are moving so fast and darkness is being exposed by the Father, I will be posting more often. I have been waiting and buying my time until this time. Come back often to check on this site. Let's us come together to fight this present darkness. DFH