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This is word from the Lord that I received over the weekend in July 2019. I believe it is from the Lord Jesus followed by a small word from the Father.
   This is a very important word to the Church:
Jesus: I am revealing the evil one’s strategy that he is planning even now to pull his generals off their present assignments and moving them to attack the families of anyone in ministry. This means the children, parents, grandchildren. His plan is to then blame the Father for the attacks, causing the ministers to stop out of anger and hatred toward the Father. They will say, “Lord how can you allow this to happen when I have served you for so many years?” Since the evil one’s generals have been removed from their present assignments, it will seem like things are going well and everyone is doing good except for ministers and their families. This will add to the bitterness and anger against the Father. Many who have served the Father for years will quit out of hatred and frustration. Once the shepherds are dispersed the evil one will re-direct his generals and their minions to once again attack the people. Without the shepherds, people will run amuck in fear and despair. It will be a very sad time for many people.
   Many will say, “Why is this happening?” “I tell you now” says the Father, “because you have rejected my Holy Spirit. You have a form of religion with no power.”
   Those who completely surrender to My Holy Spirit will break through. The most powerful weapons at this time will be My Word, used in conjunction with the Gift of Tongues (Ephesians 6:17-18). My Holy Spirit will give you the Words to pray that the evil one will not be able to understand (Acts 2:4). I will use those who are obedient to be MY Light, the sheep and not the goats, the wheat and not the tares, the good soil that those who are in despair will seek. Know that the power has always been with you but you have not used it. You thought you could out-smart the evil one with your intellect and your religion. From the time of Pentecost I saw this day approaching and I have given you everything you need. My Holy Spirit along with His power and His gifts will not be denied. Only in Him will you find refuge. The people succumbing to the evil ones’ deception has led to this. You have my Word and you ignored it. You have allowed others to speak lies and you believed them. You have allowed evil to exist in your midst of the greatest magnitude and you said nothing. You have gone to church but you did not grow deeper in relationship to My Holy Spirit. It is not I that have allowed this says the Lord but you. You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. You have allowed the spirit of Hophni and Phineas to seduce you. You have openly allowed the worship and sacrifice to Molech and you did nothing. You have allowed the celebration of abominations in your midst while you stood back mute and in fear.
   Know, however, that My grace is always enough to destroy the works and power of the evil one. I will place on all those who break through a strong, strong anointing that will lead and guide others to break through. You will be My Light set on a hill. You will be MY generals that will yield my power says the Holy Spirit. Do not allow your five senses to affect you during this time, for if you do sadness and despair will overtake you. My children walk in faith and yield completely to My Word and My Holy Spirit. If you do you will be my true sons (Romans 8:14) and much will be set free at your hands (Romans 8: 18).
   Many will cry and lament when they find that their form of religion is insufficient. They will swear and blaspheme the Father and Me. Those who do not know My Word or the power of My Holy Spirit will be affected the most by the evil ones’ plans.
   DFH: The Lord did not stop but went right on into this. I believe it is both a solution and protection to anyone heeding this message. Jesus:
1.) Put My Blood over the “doorposts” of your families every day
2.) Study the Covenant you have with My Father and know and understand its benefits and provisions Take communion often.
3.) Study and know My Word. This is very important. Review Matthew, Chapter Four. My Word NEVER comes back to Me void. Use it like rain and water your faith and your soul (Joshua 1:8).
4.) Receive and apply all My Holy Spirit has for you. Become sensitive to His promptings. Make this a highest priority in your day. If you do not have the Gift of Tongues, seek it out and use the Gift extensively at every occasion. 
5.) I understand the magnitude of what I am sharing. Look around you and see how much evil has grown around you. Those same generals of the evil one who have caused this are now being assigned to ministries and minister’s families. Understand that your present level of understanding of My Holy Spirit will not work against these evil entities. You must go deeper. Make it a priority now!!! Form study groups that help people go deeper with My Holy Spirit. The time to deny and disregard His presence, His power and His gifts has ended,
My Holy Spirit has always been a lifeline to My children, supplying the needed breaths to survive. The necessity of this fact will now be demonstrated.

This next post-word I believe is from the Father: 
   I allowed My Son to suffer the most horrendous abuse imaginable for one main reason, that you could receive into your soul My precious Holy Spirit and allow Him to teach you how to become the children I desire; you would not allow Him to do so. I sent you outpouring after outpouring of My Spirit to reveal to you My love and My desire for your lives, but it did not fit your form of religion or your intellectual paradigm. Unfortunately the cup of iniquity is now full and I must let it pour out.

     My comments on this Word may be found on the "New Page"