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Dedicated to the Holy Spirit Cassette
This Dr. Holt's first recording.The album consists of ten songs that will cause reflection and rejoicing.
$ 9.99               More Information     

Dedicated to The Holy Spirit CD
Same music as Cassette above but in CD format
$ 9.99               More Information     

Draw Near to His Sacred Heart Cassette
This is Dr. Holt's second album. The songs are contemplative and meditative with a slight country flare.
$ 9.99               More Information     

Draw Near To His Sacred Heart CD
Same as Cassette above but in CD format
$ 9.99               More Information     

Homecoming - The Holt Family (Cassette only)
This is an album of Southern Gospel music that was recorded to honor Dr. Holt's mother and father and their contribution to his family's history of music.
$ 9.99               More Information     

Songs for Praise and Worship - VOl 1 (CD1 & CD2)
This 2 CD set offers two 30 to 40 minute periods of Praise & Worship for personal use or for Prayer Groups who do not have their own means of Praise & Worship. While they are entertaining, these CDs were designed to lead any person or group from praise into worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. This music was recorded by the Catholic Charismatic Conference Band, of which Dr. Holt has served as praise and worship leader for the last ten years.

$ 18.50               More Information     

Worshipping In The Spirit
The Worship Team at our church worked together to publish this worship experience. It is designed to be a time of fellowship with our Lord and Savior who desires the worship of His children. 32 minutes
$ 7.50               More Information