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Cornelius' House Ministries is a lay Charismatic Catholic Ministry dedicated to bringing the Kingdom of God to this earth. It was founded in 1986 by Dr. Dennis and Janet Holt and is based in Pocahontas, Arkansas. 

Dr. Holt has served as teacher, lecturer, author, retreat and seminar director, and praise and worship leader. Although Dr. Holt is a practicing Catholic, he has taught in both Catholic and Prostestant Churches where he shares the mysteries and power of the Kingdom of God. He believes that truth never changes, and that it has the same potential for anyone who will believe and receive.

Dr. Holt may be reached at: Cornelius' House Ministries - 3115 Pyburn Extended - Pocahontas, Arkansas72455 or


It is the knowledge of the truth that sets a person free. Truth, however, can sometimes be harsh and out of sync with traditions and religious ideologies. So many Christians and churches are impotent in their spiritual journey because they refuse to accept the fact that demons exist and that every demon has an agenda. 

Cornelius' House Ministries has chosen to take a non-compromising stand for truth. Our novels take reality head-on and are therefore mature in content. They are designed to teach as well as entertain. Satan is real. Demons are real. And you are in this spiritual battle whether you want to be or not. Denial is not a viable choice. All war is hell, but not only our lives but our souls are at stake here and the end result is for eternity. If you are easily offended by the truth of this world then our novels are not for you. But, if you desire to know more about the battle that affects us all then our fictional novels will keep you up at night. All of our books, music, and tapes reflect our mission: May the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ come to this earth, NOW!

If you are a bookstore or book dealer, contact us at for promotional materials for your store. We have window posters and book displays available for The Principality.