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      My Comments On the Word given on Monthly Message

   Years ago I wrote a book called “It’s Not Global Warming; It’s Global Warning! Why the Earth is Rebelling Against Man.” I believe we are very near that time in our history. Evil is becoming rampant and is being accepted by so many. Once this evil is imposed on the earth, the earth has no alternative but to throw off this evil as it becomes overwhelming to all of nature. Flood, hurricanes, earth quakes, volcanoes, wild fires, everything that the earth can do to purify itself will become very prevalent. Expect heavy snows that prevent movement and destroy infrastructure in its aftermath.
   It is unfortunate for the body of Christ that very few want to hear bad news when the Holy Spirit speaks but those who hear the Voice of the Lord and are sensitive to the Spirit know that something is coming. Think about it, do you think any human being can solve the division that is so prevalent in the world. Our country has been divided for so long and Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Only the Father can solve this problem and we only have to read His Word to discover how He deals with rebellion in His children.
The Word for right now is Romans 8:14. Being led by the Holy Spirit is invaluable at this time. Those who are not led by the Holy Spirit will not overcome. Do not think that you can overcome this with your intellect, your money, or your place in society. The things that are coming will be non-specific. They will come at everyone but those who listen and follow the promptings and leadership of the Holy Spirit will "subdue" the earth and be victorious. 
   Realize that his time is not a surprise to God. He saw it coming thousands of years ago but we are not aware because there has been barrenness in the Word. We have failed to know our Father and His ways because we have discounted and ignored His Word.
   My advice is to come together with like-minded individuals and pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and then do what He says. Move quickly when you have confirmation. This will be a time for great evangelization. Do you know how to pray for someone to make Jesus the Lord of their life? How about baptism in the Holy Spirit and the reception of His spiritual Gifts? If you don’t learn! Practice on each other. As the Lord shared in His Word above; “My Holy Spirit will not be denied.” He will be the only way through what is coming.
   I personally believe that many will be encouraged to leave their present location because of what will be unfolding. I can only add that if today you hear His Voice, harden not your heart. If you have a scattered family, give them a heads up. When the Lord prompts you, tell them to come home or to a previously selected location. There will be safety in numbers. It’s okay if some laugh or mock; just ignore that and present your instructions with as much love and care as you can. 
   I know this is long but I want to share one other thing. Know that darkness has no conscience or compassion. Things that will soon unfold which will make no sense to someone who is “born again” and who has the Light of Christ. John Chapter One verse five says: And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. People will begin to do and to subscribe to things that are totally “off the wall.” It will seem as if evil has taken over and everyone has lost their mind. Everything that we know to be good will be trampled on and everything that we know to be bad will become commonplace. Life will seem to be meaningless and unimportant. Darkness means chaos because darkness is destruction. While you can walk in the Light!DFH