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Cornelius' House
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Teaching Tapes > Subcategory 3 > (002) Why Speak In Other Tongues? - 3 CD Set

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(002) Why Speak In Other Tongues? - 3 CD Set

This series is the same as the Why Speak In Other Tongues? but includes the teaching: Now That I've Got It, What Good Is it?

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This 3 CD series goes beyond the two tape series, "Why Speak In Other Tongues?" The first two CD's are the same including the opportunity to receive your prayer language, but in the additional CD Dr. Holt explains the importance of daily use of this  powerful gift. If you are wanting to grow in spiritual power, this series will offer some vital revelation.

This set can also be ordered on I-TUNES

 002  Why Speak In Other Tongues    3 CD Set