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Music Store > Subcategory 2 > Songs for Praise and Worship - VOl 1 (CD1 & CD2)

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Songs for Praise and Worship - VOl 1 (CD1 & CD2)

This 2 CD set offers two 30 to 40 minute periods of Praise & Worship for personal use or for Prayer Groups who do not have their own means of Praise & Worship. While they are entertaining, these CDs were designed to lead any person or group from praise into worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. This music was recorded by the Catholic Charismatic Conference Band, of which Dr. Holt has served as praise and worship leader for the last ten years.

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There are many prayer groups who understand the power of praise and worship but do not have anyone to lead them. Some prayer groups play various songs from different CD's but this is not conducsive to the flow of the anointing. Dr. Holt felt motivated to bring the Conference Band together and compile CD's that any prayer group or individual could use to lead them in praise and worship to our Lord Jesus. Our goal is to produce four CD's that could be rotated from week to week and provide a much needed service for prayer groups needing quality praise and worship. While this set is Volume 1 (CD 1 & 2), our plan is to produce Volume 2 (CD 3 & 4) some time in 2007.


CD #1

Days of Elijah 
Open The Eyes of My Heart 
Jesus We Enthrone You 
Shout to the Lord 
Amazing Love 
I Worship You 
I Sing Praises 
Glorify Thy Name 
Lord You Are 
I Exalt Thee 


Let The Fire Fall 
Trading My Sorrows 
The Battle Belongs to the Lord 
Amazing Grace 
You Are My All in All 
Make My Hear a Dwelling Place 
Breathe On Me Holy One 
Spirit of the Living God 
Change My Heart, O God 
In Your Presence 

Songs for Praise and Worship   VOl 1  CD1 & CD2