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(1) The Living Presence

Using principles of truth, this book takes on the challenge, both biblically and traditionally, of proving that the Eucharist or the Sacramental Body and Blood of Jesus is really alive and not just symbolic.

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   At every Catholic Mass, simple bread and wine is changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. For many people, however, even the thought of such an act is beyond comprehension. How could bread and wine become the real presence of Jesus Christ and why would God allow something of such magnitude to even take place? 
   In his new book, the Living Presence - Why the Eucharist Is Alive, Dr. Holt explains why this act the Church calls Communion is vital to every Christian's spiritual growth, and why the bread and wine used in Catholic Communion actually change and become the real Presence of Jesus Christ. 
  This book is for both Catholic and Prostestant alike because Dr. Holt approaches the subject from an unbiased perspective, seeking to examine the phenomemon through the undaunted principles of truth. 
   This book is a must for anyone who has taken Communion and desires to know its relevance and its power. God's Word is very profound in the fact that if we do not eat Jesus' Body and drink His Blood, we do not have life in us (John 6:53). This is a subject that is vital to the spiritual maturity of every person who claims Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

 1  The Living Presence