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(88) The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God -The kingdom of this earth is patterned after God's spiritual kingdom. God's Kingdom functions through laws. Knowing those laws helps us to overcome the natural world and its laws.

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In our everyday lives, how many times a day are we confronted by what we call physical laws? It may be jumping off a ladder, boiling a pan of water, or even pushing on the brakes of our car. These laws exist and can affect us in a positive or negative way depending on our understanding and application of each one. Even a child who knows nothing of these laws is affected by them. They seem to confine us and hold us fast.

The scriptures, however, reveal that a higher set of laws exist that can     supersede or overpower these natural laws. They are spiritual laws that function within the Kingdom of God.

As adopted sons and daughters of God we have been given the knowledge and the right to use these powerful laws to subdue and take dominion of the earth. Jesus called it "more abundant life."

What many people call luck or coincidence is actually these powerful laws at work in their lives.

If you have ever asked "Why?," this book is for you.

 88  The Kingdom of God