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(9) The Covenant

The Covenant - Probably the most important topic in understanding the God-man relationship

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This is the most important subject in the Scriptures, and very few people know anything about it.

As intelligent as man has become, we are still encompassed about by many problems. In search of relief, many people have given up on the seeming impotency of modern religion and have sought answers and assistance from sources outside the fundamental teachings of Christianity and the Church

As you read this book, you will understand why. We have forgotten the Covenant, and in so doing, we have   lost access to God's promises and His power.

The Covenant is the most important subject in the Scriptures. Since the Fall of man, God has accomplished everything He has done for man through and because of a Covenant with the Father through the Blood of His Son. Every blessing we receive by the grace of God is through our Covenant relationship. The abundant life that Jesus came to give us is found in the understanding of the Covenant and our Covenant Rights. It is vital that every person come to know the POWER of the COVENANT. 


 9  The Covenant