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(3) The Manitou

THE FATHER REX MACON SAGA CONTINUES. The Second Novel - A young sheriff's search for De Soto's treasure leads him into the supernatural.

The Manitou is now available as E-Book at or

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An old relic is discovered while clearing the way for a new state road. It becomes a major concern for the local sheriff because strange activity seems to be associated with the relic and the area where it was discovered. With the help of Dr. Marion  James, a professor of archaeology, their investigation leads them to the lost treasure of DeSoto and to a supernatural force that seems to be protecting the treasure's resting place.

In order to discern the origin of the supernatural activity, they solicit the help of Chief Walking Cloud, an old Indian medicine man. Together, they encounter the awesome power of a strong evil presence which forces each of them to face the turmoil that lies hidden within their own soul. Drawn into its evil snare, they realize that they must find someone who can provide the answer.

Responding to their call of distress, Father Rex Macon helps them to understand that only through sacrifice can the evil presence be defeated. Will they choose to make that sacrifice or will they all become victims of the MANITOU?


 3  The Manitou