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(2) The Principality

The Principality. A Novel - A powerful demonic presence threatens a small community. Only a young parish priest stands in its way. 

The Principality is now available as E-Book on or

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Father Rex Macon is a young Catholic priest. His dedication to serving the Lord came after a powerful spiritual encounter while on an archaeological expedition in Iraq. This dynamic experience with evil opened his eyes to the reality of the spiritual realm and to man's true destiny.

Now, years later, while serving a small parish in Northeast Arkansas, Father Macon is suddenly confronted with the same evil presence. He recognizes the signs and realizes that the small community of Engleton is under attack by a fierce and unseen demonic force. How did it get to Engleton? Who invited it in?

Strange things begin to happen as the demon's grip becomes stronger over the area. Only Father Macon stands in its way. Only he realizes what is happening. Even as the small community caves in to the demon's power, the people fail to believe the truth. How can he get them to understand that they are not fighting against flesh and blood but against the power of THE PRINCIPALITY?

 2  The Principality