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(7)The Visitor

   This is the sixth novel in the Father Rex Macon spiritual warfare series. Father Macon is reunited with his old friend Chief Walking Cloud (The Manitou) to solve a mystery of murder and governmental secrecy. A mystery that reaches back thousands of years in time.

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The extensive brush fires in New Mexico have revealed very old and ancient archaeological sites that had previously been hidden and undiscovered. Something very strange has been found at one of the sites that has brought the full force of the Federal Government into the area. Their odd behavior and their undaunted secrecy have caused many of the locals to question the government’s honesty and intent as they attempt to explain their presence and their mission.
   When the son of Chief Walking          Cloud’s (The Manitou) friend is mysteriously murdered, the old chief calls his friend Father Rex Macon. Together they discover the secret of the government’s archaeological “find” and attempt to make sure that “he” is given the freedom and time he needs to share the warning that he has come to deliver to mankind at this time.
   Father Macon, along with a small band of helpers, brave the elements of the New Mexico desert and the wrath of the United States military to make sure that the visitor makes a rendezvous with a destiny that was designed thousands of years ago. Together, the small group experiences a force that no military on earth can withstand. Their world and their lives are changed forever because they have met – The Visitor.

 7 The Visitor