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(6) The Witch -A Novel

The fifth novel in the Father Rex Macon Spiritual Warfare Series.
Father Rex joins local priests to fight a coven of witches around the area of Salem Massachusetts.

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   In the 1690ís, something very evil happened in the small community of Salem, Massachusetts. People were sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. As these people were buried, everyone thought the matter was put to rest. They were wrong.
               Years later, the small town of Salem still remembers the trials, and uses their strange fascination to draw thousands of tourists every year to the area. What many thought was ignorance and hysteria wrote the trials off as religious zeal gone berserk.
   Now things are happening in the area around Salem things so horrible and ghastly that it seems that evil has returned with a vengeance. Local parish priest, Father David Ryan, accidently becomes involved because Inspector Andrew Rhodes needs answers. When Father David begins to hear voices in the rectory, he fearfully turns to his mentor, Monsignor Melvin Reynolds, who remembers this sort of thing from his own past. He quickly discerns that someone with more skill in spiritual warfare will be needed. He calls his friend and fellow priest Father Rex Macon. 
   Together with the two priests and Inspector Rhodes, Father Macon sets out to determine the origin of all the weird and horrible things that are occurring in the area. They soon determine that a coven of witches has unleashed demonic forces in the area of Salem, and the coven appears to be led by a powerful and seductive high priestess. Even Father Macon is surprised by the supernatural power that this witch seems to possess. 
   Satan has returned to finalize what he started in the 1690ís and Father Macon finds himself face to face with the enemyís beautiful and demon possessed puppet. Will Father Macon prevail through the power of the Spirit within him or will he fall under the spell of the Witch? 

 6  The Witch  A Novel