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(13) Betrothed by Dr. Douglas Wheeler

This book is about God's love affair with man as viewed through the Hebraic language, tradition, and culture. A very good read.

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Dr. Wheeler has been my instructor in the Hebraic for over three years. Studying the language, the culture and the traditions of the Jewish people has brought me a greater understanding of the Father and His love for me. This book takes the reader on an adventure from Sinai to the Cross as seen through the eyes of a God who desires an intimate relationship with His creation - man. We miss so much when we view our relationship with the Father only through our Western mindset. We are the Bride of   Jesus Christ. We are betrothed to Him. Dr. Wheeler helps us to understand what that really means. (Dr. Holt was privileged to write a foreword to this book.)

 13  Betrothed by Dr. Douglas Wheeler