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(5)The Sorcerer

   The Sorcerer continues the adventures of Father Rex Macon. Jamie McClain (Principality) rejoins Father Macon in this exciting adventure set in the jungles of New Guinea. Once again, our young priest is called to battle a strong demon that is trying to 
destroy the world.

The Sorcerer is now available as E-Book at and

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   After her battle along side Father Macon in the small town of Engelton against the Principality, Jamie McClain volunteered for missionary duty on the small island of New Guinea. Disturbed by rumors of a primitive tribe sacrificing babies, she sets out through the jungle to find and challenge the tribal leader. When she doesnít return, her pastor calls Father Macon. Even though it is on the other side of the world, he knows he must go and find her.
   In his quest, he discovers that his   mission is much more than rescuing a damsel in distress. He befriends a free-lance writer by the name of Melissa Townsend and together they fight the jungles of New Guinea, looking for Jamie.
   Little do they know that the powerful demon, Molech, has  possessed the tribal chief and imbued him with supernatural powers. Confronted with the elements and the strange surroundings of the jungle, they have to find someone who can serve as a guide to lead them to the tribal location. Who they find  causes Father Macon to realize that something very big is taking place in the spiritual realm above the tiny island. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, they learn that the demon has found a way to destroy the earth and prevent millions of souls from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
   The fate of the earth and those millions depend on the success of the tiny band. Calling on all of his spiritual understanding, Fatherís knowledge of who he is in Christ and his trust in the Lord is pushed to the limit as he faces the tribal leader in combat. Never in a thousand years would he have thought that he would be called upon to be the Lordís champion. Tested to the max in one of the most remote spots on the earth, will Father Macon survive the jungle and the power of the SORCERER?

 5 The Sorcerer