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The Levitical Principle

Every minister knows that it takes money to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. From the very beginning of the Vision of God to enlarge His Kingdom into the visible realm, the plan of financing the Vision has always been there. The Levitical Principle is that plan. 

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   From the very beginning of time, God has had a vision of extending His Kingdom into the visible realm. Building kingdoms take knowledge, leadership, and finances. God made Adam king of this earth but Adam lost his kingship through disobedience.  Satan orchestrated that disobedience which gave him the opportunity to control this visible kingdom through his worldly system. Knowing that man needed the knowledge, leadership, and finances to build the kingdom Satan attempted to control and pervert these three through his counterfeit system. 
   When God made covenant with Abraham, the truth of the Kingdom of God was once again imparted to man. Under Godís direction a nation of people was born that would demonstrate Godís will and His ways in the earth culminating with the advent of His presence in human flesh. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, Satan was defeated and the vision of the Kingdom of God was restored. The Church of Jesus Christ would now be responsible for building the Kingdom of God on earth and fulfilling the vision. 
   Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit the church has progressed in its role, but the one area that has hindered the work the most is finances. The church seems to never have enough money to do what it needs to do. Because the vision of the Kingdom began with God, it is His responsibility to pay for its construction. The plan has been with us from the beginning. In this book, The Levitical Principle you will discover Godís plan for financing the Kingdom of God on the earth. Dr. Holt brings the revelation to light on how any ministry, through faith, can tap into the financial resources that they need to do the Lordís work and help usher in the Kingdom. God walks on streets of gold and His wealth is unlimited, but He must get that wealth into the hands of those who have been chosen on the earth to do the work. This exchange from the spiritual to the physical reveals the awesomeness of the Father and His commitment to the vision of the Kingdom.
   Not only does God finance His vision through the Levitical Principle, He wants every one of His children living off of its provision. For too long Christians have tried to scrape by on Satanís worldly system. The time for that to stop is now. Now is the time for Godís plan. Now is the time for the Levitical Principle.

The Levitical Principle