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(110)It's Not Global Warming. It's Global Warning!!!

At the present, mankind is dealing with an earth problem that has been identified by the environmentalists as Global Warming. Fossil fuels and green-house gases are far from the cause. Man is the problem, but not in the way we have been led to believe. From the very beginning, the Creator has built into the earth a warning system. That system is beginning to "sound" - DANGER!

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         Why the Earth is Rebelling Against Man

   When God created the earth, He incorporated a failsafe system within it to protect His creation. If the sin of man reaches a certain level, the earth begins to rebel against the antagonist and "spew out" the cause. Man is the cause and we are in the midst of the spewing. It will not stop until man repents, turns from his wicked ways and seeks the face of the Creator. Only then will God heal our land.  
   Most people know that something is wrong. All of the so- called acts of nature that continue to increase daily are not caused by global warming. The failsafe system is about to trigger and we must heed the warning. 
   In this fascinating presentation, by Dr. Holt reveals that something is happening that will eventually affect every person on the planet. The solution, however, does not lie with the world or with science. The solution lies with those who call themselves Christians. Jesus is the Word through whom everything was created. He is not only our salvation, He is the salvation for our planet. 
   Even now the earth is groaning. It’s time we know the truth. It’s time for the “sons of God” to act.

 110 It s Not Global Warming. It s Global Warning